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Stagist @ MecanIST XII

Stagist @ MecanIST XII (2023)

Stagist is an online platform for event management and participation, used during MecanIST XII. Frontend was built using Nuxt3 and Tailwind, with Strapi making up the backend and CMS.

For the 12th edition of MecanIST, a career fair for Mechanical Engineering students at Técnico Lisboa, I had the opportunity to develop a participation platform for the event. In this platform students were able to see the most relevant information about the conference, such as the schedule, signup for workshops and check different companies present at the event. Amongst these features, it also allowed the user to gather points and rewards for interacting with participating company's representatives.

The platform was developed using the just-released version 3 of NuxtJS and Tailwind. The backend and CMS were done with Strapi. This was my first major opportunity to build a complex application with multiple architectural challenges, and it turned out to be a great learning experience. The infrastructure was deployed and managed by myself, with a special focus on performance when used simultaneously by hundreds of conference-goers.